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Why Hotels are Giving Room 420 a Pass

Ever strolled past a hotel room numbered 420 and felt the urge to swipe the digits? Turns out, hotels in the USA aren't letting this slide!

If you're a herb aficionado, you're likely familiar with the significance of "420" in cannabis culture. And guess what? US hotel chains are hip to this stoner slang too. In a bid to prevent 420 enthusiasts from hotboxing or souvenir-snatching, certain hotels are opting out of featuring a room 420 at all.

It's practically a worldwide rite of passage for stoners – recognizing the magic of 420. Unfortunately, hotels have been collateral damage, falling prey to mischievous pot lovers who swipe room signs for kicks. As a response, some hotel owners and staff have taken the drastic step of removing the 420 labels from doors and resorting to stenciling. This clever move nips any room number nabbing in the bud.

But some hotels are upping the ante by altogether removing room 420 from their numbering sequence. Call it superstition – similar to hotels shying away from levels or rooms marked as 13. And then there are the creative thinkers, who've labeled room 420 as "419 + 1." Although, truth be told, that's something a stoner might find even more amusing to snatch.

The twist here is that stoners don't necessarily need a room number of "420" to prompt a hotboxing session. Hotel owners might be a tad too enthusiastic in thinking that erasing the digits will keep rebellious stoners from lighting up a joint or two, especially in states where it's legit!

Whether the clock reads 4:20 or the room number flaunts 420, stoners are primed to toast their favorite herb and cherished moment of the day. So, if you're rooting for pot-friendly hotels, let's steer clear of swiping those room numbers, shall we?


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