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Weed World Records

The world of cannabis isn't just about growing, consuming, and advocating for its benefits. It's also about pushing the boundaries of what's possible. From the largest joint to the most massive cannabis plant, let's dive into the fascinating realm of cannabis world records.

1. The Largest Bong Ever Built Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, but in 2006, one stood out as a true giant in the cannabis world. Known as "Bongzilla," this mammoth water pipe reached an astonishing height of 24 feet and 4 inches (7.42 meters). Crafted by Jerome Baker Designs, it holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest functional glass water pipe.

2. The Largest Joint Ever Rolled Imagine a joint that's not just a little longer than usual but one that's incredibly colossal. Well, it happened! In 2012, a group of dedicated cannabis enthusiasts in Spain rolled a joint that stretched a jaw-dropping 131 feet (40 meters) long. It's hard to fathom how much herb went into that record-breaking roll-up!

3. The Biggest Cannabis Plant Green thumbs, take note! The largest cannabis plant on record reached a towering height of 35 feet (10.6 meters) and was cultivated in Oregon, USA. This giant not only broke records but also showcased the remarkable growth potential of this versatile plant.

4. The Most Expensive Cannabis Strain Cannabis connoisseurs with deep pockets, listen up. In 2019, a strain known as "J1" fetched a staggering $7,000 for a single pound, earning its place in the record books as the most expensive cannabis strain ever sold legally. The strain's unique genetics and exceptional quality made it a sought-after treasure for collectors.

5. Largest Cannabis Dispensary When it comes to cannabis dispensaries, bigger isn't always better, but it's still impressive! The record for the largest cannabis dispensary belongs to Planet 13 in Las Vegas, USA. With over 112,000 square feet (10,405 square meters) of retail space, it's a cannabis shopping experience like no other.

6. The Longest Hotboxing Session Hotboxing is a time-honored tradition among cannabis enthusiasts, but some take it to the extreme. In 2016, a group in California set the record for the longest hotboxing session, lasting a mind-boggling 4 hours and 20 minutes. It's not just about the duration; it's a testament to the community's dedication and, well, a whole lot of smoke!

7. The Largest Cannabis Leaf Cannabis leaves can vary in size, but the largest on record measured a whopping 1.2 meters (3.94 feet) in length and 53 centimeters (1.74 feet) in width. It's a testament to the lush, vibrant foliage this plant can produce.

8. Most Cannabis Plants Grown in a Single Space In 2018, a licensed cannabis cultivation facility in California made headlines by growing an astonishing 35,000 cannabis plants in a single space. This record highlights the scale at which cannabis is produced in regions where it's legal for recreational and medical use.

Closing Thoughts Cannabis isn't just about relaxation and relief; it's also about community, creativity, and pushing boundaries. These cannabis world records showcase the diverse and dynamic nature of the cannabis culture. Whether it's rolling gigantic joints, building enormous bongs, or cultivating colossal plants, the world of cannabis is continually evolving, breaking records, and setting new standards for what's possible. So, here's to the remarkable feats and boundless potential of the cannabis world!

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