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Percolators: Elevating Your Smoking Experience

Artistry meets functionality to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience.

Percolators, often referred to as "perks or percs," have revolutionized the world of cannabis glassware, providing enthusiasts with smoother hits, enhanced filtration, and a true appreciation for the art of smoking.

Here are a few of our favorites:


  • Introduced in the 1970s, tree percs revolutionized cannabis glassware with their innovative design featuring multiple arms and slits for improved diffusion. By dividing and filtering the smoke through these arms, tree percs create multiple points of diffusion and water filtration. As a result, users experience smoother hits with reduced harshness and less drag. This functional and visually appealing percolator quickly became a staple in the world of artisan glassware, loved for its enhanced smoking experience. Later, artists welded the hanging upside-down "branches" onto fixed points, greatly improving durability.


  • Matrix percs brought a new level of sophistication to cannabis glassware. These percolators feature an intricate design composed of multiple glass tubes or rods arranged in a grid-like pattern. The matrix design provides a larger surface area for the smoke to interact with the water, resulting in enhanced cooling and filtration. As the smoke passes through the matrix, it undergoes several rounds of diffusion, delivering smoother hits and flavorful experiences. Matrix percs are loved by many cannabis enthusiasts for their exceptional functionality and captivating visual appeal.

Seed of Life

  • The Seed of Life perc is a new and captivating evolution in percolator technology. It features precision-cut holes arranged in a manner reminiscent of the sacred geometric pattern known as the "Seed of Life." As the smoke travels through the "seeds", it undergoes a thorough filtration, resulting in smoother and more flavorful hits. After hitting the scene the Seed of Life perc quickly became sought-after for its unique aesthetics and excellent smoke diffusion capabilities.

In the world of percolators, smoother hits and cosmic vibes await! From timeless tree percs to mind-bending seed percs, find your perfect match and elevate your smoking game. Happy toking! 🌬️🚀✨


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